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July 11, 2013

Wildlife Services

By Hogarth's Pest Control

We receive calls everyday regarding customers dealing with skunks, raccoons, and various other critters around their homes. It is our top priority to address wildlife jobs as soon as possible. This works to ensure the animals don’t cause damage to the customer’s homes and yards. We specialize in trapping these animals and relocating them away from the original location. The law requires us to relocate the animals at least 25 miles away to ensure they don’t return.

Raccoons and skunks are two of the main wildlife issues that we deal with here in Northern Michigan. In most cases, they have young with them as well. These animals can cause an enormous amount of destruction to a home, as the mothers are trying to make a safe home for young  to keep them away from the males, who will actually resort to eating them if they have no other food source. Raccoons can be extremely mean creatures and do not appreciate tampering with their homes and young! This is why we always advise having a professional come to trap and relocate any wildlife critters you may have. Heres a photo of a juvenile raccoon we recently trapped and relocated:

photo copy

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