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Mosquito Removal

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Did you know that according to the CDC, mosquitoes kill more people per year around the world than any other living creature? In Michigan we have roughly 60 different species of mosquitoes, some of which are vectors for diseases such as West Nile virus, St. louis Encephalitis, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. There is no way to eliminate all of the mosquitoes on one’s property, but we have the tools to help get them down to a tolerable level. One of these tools is to larvicide any standing water around a home that cannot be emptied out. This areas may include ponds, catch basins, ditches, or wheelbarrows of standing water, etc. Another tool is to chemically treat the barrier of the property or area in which control is wanted.

Hogarth’s stays up to date on mosquito control information as members of the Michigan Mosquito Control Association and attending annual meetings. The best way to treat for mosquitoes is to use a UVL (ultra low volume) sprayer, such as a mist blowing backpack. It does not take a lot to kill a mosquito and it is important to get the products in the correct spots to reduce the population effectively. By using a mist blower we are able to get the product on the bottom sides of the leaves, which is beneficial for two reasons. The first being that we can apply the product where mosquitos will harbour, and the second being that it will not get washed away by rain and other moisture nearly as fast. Another great reason for using a ULV sprayer is that the amount of chemical needed to adequately treat a property is drastically reduced, which is more eco-friendly than using a power sprayer to do an application and over apply product to a property. Hogarth’s also offers a green mosquito treatment and program for our customers who are cautious about chemicals on their property. We use a cedar oil and cinnamon product in combination with larviciding if stagnant water is nearby.

Helpful Tip:

If you’re not a prime candidate for a barrier mosquito treatment, consider purchasing a fan for the deck, patio or lawn. Mosquitoes are not great fliers, so a fan swathing back and forth will keep them out of the area you’re trying to enjoy. This will make your BBQ or family gathering much more enjoyable while also being eco-friendly.

A few common species of mosquitoes: Aedes Egypti, Anopheles, Culex

What do they look like?