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Odor Control

Hogarth’s Wildlife and Animal Removal specializes in Odor Control.

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Hogarth's Pest Control specializes in all types of industries, residential and commercial.

Unfortunately wildlife such as skunks, dead rodents, or animals can cause odor to invade our homes, garages, sheds and other structures on our property. Hogarth’s Pest Control, Wildlife & Animal Removal offers the ability to combat odors from skunks or dead animals, using the newest and most cutting edge products on the market. We offer fogging of your home with an eliminator that will help to control odors inside and out.

Is there a musty smell in your cabin or home? Have you been baiting inside the home to control mice and they’ve died inside your home? Has a skunk sprayed your dog or under under the  house? Did an animal die underneath your deck or screened in porch?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, Hogarth’s has the equipment and expertise to help eradicate the awful smell making your home unlivable. We have a couple different techniques to get rid of the stench. If possible, Hogarth’s will also remove the source of the smell, which is the best way to solve the issue.

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