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Boxelder Bug Removal

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Boxelder bugs are fall invaders that are black with orange markings. They’re a nuisance pest that does not have many predators. These bugs will enter the home during the fall months to overwinter until spring. There is not much we can do in the spring because they’ve already over-wintered since the previous fall. Once they’re in the home, the best thing to do is vacuum them up. Eliminating Boxelder bugs comes down to proactive prevention.

To prevent a boxelder bug infestation in your home or structure(s), be sure to repair holes in screens, seal crevices and cracks with a good quality silicone or silicone-latex caulk, and install door sweeps to all exterior entrances.

When getting rid of a boxelder bug infestation in homes or buildings, you should not make any attempt to eradicate them in wall voids. Insect carcasses can attract dermestid beetles (ie., carpet beetles, larder beetles, etc.). We recommend waiting until summer when all live adults have left the wall voids. To provide temporary relief, consider using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the boxelder bugs. You should remove the bag to prevent the pests from escaping. Then, be sure to seal up all entryways into the living space – window and door frames, cracks in the baseboards, etc. – to prevent any future infestation. Remove the cover plate, seal and replace outlets, heating ducts, switch boxes, and air vents for electrical fixtures. For lights and ceiling fans, remove the fixture to its base plate, seal, and replace.


If you suspect a boxelder bug infestation, a licensed pest control professional should be contacted to evaluate and assess the problem.

Spring or late summer is the best time to receive a barrier treatment on your home to stop them from being able to enter in the fall. Hogarth’s Pest Control and Wildlife Removal guarantees this service until the snow flies. Exclusion can be done on the home around doors, windows, foundations, ridge vents, or gable-end vents and will drastically reduce the population. Identification and proper treatment by a pest control professional is key to eliminating Boxelder bugs in and around your home.

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