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Smoky Brown Roach Removal

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The smoky brown roach is a large species of winged cockroach. These plant feeders live mainly outdoors, though they can get into greenhouses if carried. They thrive in the warm, damp environments of most southern states. Smoky brown roaches are closely related to the American roach, however, their uniformly dark brown–mahogany coloration is the main distinguisher. They also have wings that extend past their bodies, giving them the ability to fly.  These cockroaches, like German cockroaches, can contaminate food and cooking surfaces, which can trigger harsh health problems such as asthma or allergic reactions.

Common Attractors

Smoky brown roaches are attracted to lights and will flatten themselves to fit under doors and cracks to be close to warmth. The pests also crawl inside through small holes in siding or home foundations and also will fly through open doors and windows. Smoky brown roaches usually thrive in basements and ground floor levels. Some of the more common attractors are:

  • Stacks of wood
  • Leaky roofs and standing water
  • Sewer openings
  • Exposed trash

Signs of an Infestation

  • Sightings
    These insects are commonly found outdoors and can be seen primarily at night, walking in search of food. Common sighting locations include:

    • Landscaping beds
    • Ivy or other ground cover
    • In and around gutters and fascia of homes and other structures
  • Droppings
    Droppings and fecal material may be evident in places that smoky brown cockroaches frequent.
  • Egg Capsules
    Attached to a surface within a day of production, the 11 to 14 mm long, dark-brown to black egg casing, or ootheca, may be found in areas that this cockroach frequents.

If you believe to have spotted a smoky brown roach around your home, Hogarth’s Pest Control & Wildlife Removal specializes in this type of work and is eager to assist you. Give us a call today!

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