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Earwigs are beetle-like, short-winged, fast-moving insects. They are about one-half to one inch in length and dark brown in color. Earwigs have a pair of pincer-like appendages at the tip of their abdomen.

The name earwig comes from an old superstition that these insects enter human ears and work their way into the brain, where they attach and eventually drive their host to madness or death. This fairytale has no foundation in reality and is entirely false, though it does make a scary story for children! Earwigs cause no physical harm to humans, however certain species have scent glands from which they can squirt a foul-smelling liquid. This is probably a means of self-protection; however, it makes them very unpleasant when crushed.

Earwigs range in size from ¼-1 inch long. They have elongated, flattened bodies that vary in color from pale brown with dark markings to reddish-brown to black. Earwigs are equipped with six legs and a threadlike antenna that measures about half their body length. Most notably, however, are the pronounced pincers that protrude from the back of their abdomen. These appear quite threatening. Earwigs also have two pairs of concealed wings, with their hind wings usually folding underneath of their front. These body parts typically have a leathery appearance to them — not all earwig species fly, and those that do are only able to in short bursts.

These insects usually hide in cracks, crevices, under bark, or similar places during the day but are active foragers at night. They are often scavengers in their feeding habits, feasting on plants, fungi, leaves, fruit, and larger insects.

If you have spotted earwigs marching about your home, give us a call. An exterior barrier treatment will aid in the prevention of these insects. We specialize in the eradication of these types of crawling insects as well as a vast array of others. We are available 24/7 at (800) 264-6161!

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