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Acrobat Ants are small, shiny black ants with a heart shaped abdomen. These ants got their name because when they are excited they point their abdomen in the air like an acrobat. Acrobat Ants are wood destroying ants. They do not eat the wood, just live in it. They tend to infest old carpenter ant nests and blue foam board, which can lead to customers finding blue sawdust-looking frass. They seek out wet wood and can often seek out leaks in homes. Acrobat Ants are typically found in the kitchen, and whenever ants are found in the kitchen they should be saved for identification by a professional. You can also crush them to see if they smell and if they do, they are not Acrobat Ants but Odorous House Ants.

Customers should never try to spray or treat for ants themselves. This can only cause more issues and make it more difficult to eradicate the issue by a professional. We recommend keeping countertops sanitized and food properly stored untill we can get there . We also recommend keeping a sample of any ants that are found to be identified and properly treated for. Some ants are also only active during certain times of the day, so it’s important to keep that in mind as well.

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