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Grey Squirrel Removal

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Gray squirrel’s coats range from gray to black. They can start breeding one year after birth, and mating typically occurs in mid-December or early January. Northern Michigan does not experience as many problems with gray squirrels as with red squirrels; however, these squirrels can still create their problems and frustrations for home and business owners.

Gray squirrels do not tend to chew into structures as much as other squirrels, but they do tend to exploit gaps in the soffits, fascia, dormers, ridge vent, etc., that were already there. Once inside, they will reproduce in structures, but we have noticed they use different structures to harbor in full-time. Gray squirrels will not willingly leave the structure once they have made it their habitat.


There are many essential steps to prevent a tree squirrel infestation inside the home. We recommend sealing all possible points of entry around the house, which includes small openings and cracks around all windows and doors. Screening openings to chimneys and vents can also help to prevent these squirrels from entering homesAll garbage disposed of regularly and potential food sources should be stored in airtight containers.

Additionally, tree limbs should be cut back 6 to 8 feet from the roofline. The use of mesh or wire fences can help protect gardens. Lastly, a thorough inspection of wires, insulation, and walls for gnaw marks will help signal a possible infestation.

Professionals should remove all gray squirrels from the property via trapping, and exclude the holes and gaps around the structure. Homeowners should always trim trees back away from the structure as well. Contaminated areas have to be sanitized and, in many cases, replaced.

These squirrels are not nearly as territorial as the red squirrel, and once we have trapped and removed the population from the structure, they typically will not return. If you’ve noticed or believe you have an issue with gray squirrels, call Hogarth’s to set up an inspection and create an exclusion plan for your specific situation.

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