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Powder Post Beetle Removal

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Powder post beetles are typically found in the basement or crawlspace of old barns or natural hardwood in homes. Evidence of powder post beetles includes talcompoderey frass a talcum-like powder that they leave behind when burrowing in and out of logs. Another sign they leave behind are tiny holes all over these logs (the holes are 1/32” – 1/16” round tunnels, loosely packed with very fine powder). These beetles usually infest basements or crawlspaces because the moisture content is above 13%. If left unattended, powder post beetles will bring down a barn or home, just like a termite would. Imported hardwood furniture is highly susceptible to a powder post beetle infestations, and the beetles are often misidentified.

The difference between an active infestation and an old infestation is the frass. When there are holes with no frass and the moisture content is below 13%, there is not an infestation. If there is frass on the log or in the hole, with moisture content above 13%, it considered an infestation. When we do inspections, we often find old infestations in the attics. When we make our way to the basement or crawlspace, we typically find active beetles and their frass.

If the area in question of an infestation has not been cleaned or disturbed in some time, we recommend vacuuming the frass and waiting. Most emergence occurs from April to July. Keep in mind, these beetles only infest raw wood and cannot infest varnish, painted, or waxed wood.

Types of Powder Post Beetles:

  • False Powder Post Beetle
  • Furniture and Death Watch Beetle
  • True Powder Post Beetle


Hogarth’s specializes in the treatment of these beetles. This treatment will take up to three years to completely eradicate the population because there is no way to kill the beetles in the larval stage. We have to wait for them to bore out of the log in order for them to come into contact and ingest the product. If you believe to have a powder post beetle problem, do not hesitate to give us a call today!

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