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Garage Door Seal & Weather Stripping

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During the fall months, as the temperatures begin to drop, mice will start to chew on the corners of garage doors to enter homes and seek warmth. Hogarth’s has a trusted and tried method for fixing this issue and to prevent it from reoccurring. We remove the old garage door seals and replace it with our universal garage door seal that is screwed into the bottom of the door. We then add excluder cloth one foot inside the seal on both ends. When mice or chipmunks try to chew threw the new garage door seal the will hit the excluder cloth and be unpleasantly surprised that they cannot chew threw it.

Garage door seals and weather stripping are an often overlooked entrance for rodents into the structure through the garage. Hogarth’s can upgrade the factory installed seal with a higher quality universal strip and replace the pre-existing weather stripping.

Having a tight seal around the door is an imperative first step to keep unwanted insects , bats and small animals and rodents out of the structure. Small gaps at the bottom corner of the door will allow warm air to seep out during the fall and summer months, prompting small animals to exploit the gap to make a new home. Replacing the garage door seal and weather stripping also prevents rodents from gnawing and chewing into the home.

Once the garage door seal and weather strippings have been replaced, a rodent program will be set up to control the population as they make their way around homes throughout the year. The third step consists of performing exclusion work around the rest of the home; fixing uncaulked pipes, crawlspace vents and doors, etc. When all three steps are completed, we will have created multiple lines of defense against small animals and piece of mind for homeowners and residents.

Many garage door companies will try to sell a completely new garage door, when all that truly needs to be replaced is the door seal and weather stripping. Having a professional pest and wildlife control company replace the seal will ensure that it is up to the standards required to keep insects, bats and animals and rodents out of the home.

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