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Deck and Shed Exclusion

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When skunks, opossum, squirrels, and other wildlife occupy space underneath a deck or invade a home through gaps or holes unseen due to the deck covering them, the first thought of the homeowner is usually to trap the animal and remove it from the property, or to call a professional to do the work.

Trapping is not a permanent fix. If the homeowner were to think back to previous years, they’ve most likely had to trap some sort of animal every year in the same spot. Excluding the deck using different applications, depending on the intended animal or animals that the homeowner would like to keep out, is the key to success. By excluding the deck the problem has been permanently fixed and in most cases, is guaranteed.

A large majority of homes in Northern Michigan have decks and sheds. These great additions to our homes can also be home to other animals throughout the year, such as skunks, opossums, raccoons, mice, squirrels, and chipmunks. These can create a number of different issues depending on the animal.

They could obtain access to the home from under the deck, they could die and smell, or a skunk could spray. The main issue we deal with is skunks harboring underneath decks. Typically once a skunk has made your shed or deck a living space, that skunk or another will come back around the same time each year.

We will cage trap the skunks and remove them from the property, but trapping is only a temporary solution to the real problem. The real problem is not having these structures properly excluded to stop the animals from harboring underneath. Hogarth’s has multiple techniques to properly exclude animals from underneath a deck or shed, a service that will last the lifetime of the structure. We want to offer our customers a solution to the entire problem, and not just a temporary solution.

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