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Crawl Space Vents and Doors

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Throughout the year, Northern Michigan crawl space vents can be damaged due to the weather, faulty or cheaply made vents, and small animals such as mice, squirrels, and chipmunks chewing through the screens. Hogarth’s offers solutions to permanently fix this issue through a variety of different methods.

We can replace the screen in the existing crawl space vent, we can attach covers over the vents on the exterior of the home, and we can also replace the entire vent with rodent proof vents. This method, accompanied by our rodent control program and other exclusion methods if necessary, will curtail the rodent problem and make for a very satisfied customer.

There are a variety of different types of crawl space doors and vents installed into homes, most of which are usually not sealed as well as they should be, or they’ve been damaged by rodents gnawing and chewing on them. Most homeowners do not know that they should open the vents during the summer time to let out humidity, and in the wintertime they should be closed.

The screens on the vents are not durable and can allow mice to chew through them to gain access to the home. The bilco door is one of the more popular crawl space doors, but one that is never completely sealed at the bottom and usually installed incorrectly.

These areas are easy highways for rodents and insects to infest the structure. Hogarth’s has different techniques for sealing up and excluding easy access spots for insects and rodents. Sealing up the doors and replacing the vents is one step in our process for controlling the threshold of unwanted rodents or insects around the home.

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