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Hogarth’s Wildlife Removal specializes in Predator Control.

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alt="Coyote eating garbage in a park"Predators are a group of animals that naturally prey on others. High on the food chain, predators stalk and kill their prey oftentimes in groups called packs. The coyote is a main predator we experience issues with in Northern Michigan. Coyotes pose as a threat to humans and other animals, including our household pets. Just as the control of the whitetail deer population is important to our state, so is predator control. An abundance in predatory species means a decrease in all others. As a result, it is important to maintain a balance between predatory and non-predatory animals. We have all seen the videos on Facebook of people attempting to or succeeding in the domestication of these animals, but we absolutely do not advise making contact as they can carry disease.

Control of these animals is a service that we began to offer for those who are experiencing problems associated with these animals. If you have noticed a predator animal, namely a coyote, hanging around your property, give us a call today. You do not want to risk the life of your beloved pet or livestock. We can help!

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