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The Surinam roach is a of burrowing cockroach. They have black, shiny, heads, and lighter brown bodies with six legs and short antennae. People find these cockroaches in tropical and humid environments throughout the world. In the U.S., however, they reside from Texas to Florida; they also are occasionally discovered in other states between both coasts.

Typically residing in the Southeastern part of the U.S., these roaches make their homes almost exclusively in soil; however, they do enjoy most dark and damp areas. It is relatively uncommon to find these pests in our area; however, they do have the ability to travel as passengers with out-of-town guests. Being that the Surinam roach lives in soil, we do not associate these roaches with filth as we do the German cockroach; they do not cause health issues for humans. It is sporadic that they even make their way into a human habitat unless for water.


This species is medium in size, with adults reaching about 1 inch long. Their wings extend just past the end of the abdomen, and their color is a shining black on the wings, and often with a paler prothorax or with a light band on this area. The rear margin of the prothorax is wavy or sinuate.

This cockroach is commonly found hiding in the soil of indoor plants or interiorscapes, although it also hides in other cracks and crevices around such areas, such as under boards. It feeds on foliage and fruit and can cause extensive damage to commercial flowers in greenhouses. It also can be found outside structures in humid, warm areas of the country. In the U.S., this species appears to be parthenogenetic, which is a form of reproduction in which an egg can develop into an embryo without being fertilized by a sperm. The female retains the egg capsule within her abdomen, giving birth to living young. There is an average of 24 eggs per capsule.

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