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Carpenter Bees Removal

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Carpenter Bees are large, black and yellow stinging insects that  typically only live up to a year. Females rarely sting and males cannot sting. These bees typically bore into raw wood and and deck timbers, especially if it’s weathered or has starter holes. As a result can cause severe damage to log and wood-sided structures. Contrary to popular belief, Carpenter Bees do not eat the wood, they simply chew and live within it. Nectar from flowering plants is their main food source.

Carpenter Bees overwinter and typically become active in April and May and lay their eggs in June. Professional treatment for Carpenter Bees is key. Moreover, dusting in entrance holes and an exterior pesticide treatment on affected wood is the most effective method for control. Carpenter Bees typically require multiple treatments over the course of a season. To prevent Carpenter Bees from re-infesting, caulking and sealing of of holes and refinishing or replacement of wood is necessary.

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