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Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel Removal

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The thirteen-lined ground squirrel is a small and slender rodent. True to their name, these animals have 13 alternating white and brown lines running down their back. They look very similar to the eastern chipmunk but instead burrow tunnels under the ground. Thirteen-lined ground squirrels make their homes along the foundations of buildings, in gardens, mulch beds, etc., as they avoid wooded areas. Golf courses, parks, cemeteries, and pastures are typical natural habitats for this squirrel.


The thirteen-lined ground squirrel is most active at midday, in warm and sunny weather. They dig shallow burrows that stop in a dead-end used for emergencies. For nesting and hibernation, they build more complex, deeper underground tunnels. These squirrels are not colonial per se but may live close to others in a small area because of access to suitable habitats. There is typically anywhere between 1 to 20 animals per acre, depending on the season. They are territorial creatures and defend their home burrows.

To prepare for winter hibernation, thirteen-lined ground squirrels rapidly gain weight in the fall months. They are true hibernators, hibernating in their burrows from August through March, allowing their body temperature and heart rate to drop. During this time, most lose up to one-third of their body weight.

Close to 90% of newborns die by predators before hibernation even begins. However, even once they have reached adulthood, thirteen-lined ground squirrels only live for a few years

They’re never found in homes, unlike the majority of the other squirrel species. Rather than chewing inside, these squirrels will do their damage outside. They cause problems with erosion, tear up gardens, and create burrows and holes around the property.

Like chipmunks, thirteen-lined ground squirrels are not hard to control. Getting on a regular trapping program to control the population is an easy solution. If you are experiencing an issue associated with this rodent, give Hogarth’s a call today!

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