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Asian Beetles Removal

Hogarth’s Wildlife and Animal Removal specializes in Asian Beetle removal.

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The Asian beetle, which is often mistaken as a ladybug, is orange in color with black spots, while the ladybug is red. Asian beetles are a common household pest that invades in the late fall and winter.

They like warm weather and are most commonly found on the southwest side of structures facing wooded areas. An exterior treatment on the home can be done one time in the spring and is guaranteed until the snow flies. This once-a-season treatment will continue to protect against these fall invaders as temperatures get colder.

Exclusion can also help to prevent Asian Beetles from entering the home in the fall. Sealing where the foundation meets the siding and around windows, along repairing a popped ridge vent with Ridge-Guard will help to keep these fall invaders out.

An exterior treatment will still need to be done to obtain the threshold wanted by our customers. Some individuals are susceptible to eye irritation from Asian Beetles. You should always wash hands and refrain from touching your eyes after handling these types of beetles.

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