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Weasels are small, active predatory mammals with long, slender bodies and short legs. This allows them the ability to chase prey into burrows. On their dorsal side, their coats are reddish-brown, while their underbellies are white.

The ermine (or the short-tailed weasel) is a closely-related mammal distinguished from the weasel by its more substantial body and longer tail with a noticeable black tip. We identify ermine by their pure white coat in the winter months. In the summer, the fur on the back is chocolate brown, while the fur on the belly extending to the upper lip is yellowish-white.

Weasels and ermine live around farms and households with small animals such as chickens, birds, and ducks. They feed on warm-blooded animals and will kill these animals to drink their blood. In most cases, they are we consider them vermin, though they do eat large numbers of rodents.

Weasels and ermine make their homes in densely wooded areas, wetlands, and fields. They can also make their dens under decks, sheds, and barns. They do not commonly invade homes, but we have found in abandoned buildings and churches.

Both have keen senses of smell, vision, hearing, and touch that help them to locate prey. Most members of the weasel family are relatively quiet mammals, but some vocalizations may be used for communication. Ermine likely use a specific odor to let other ermine know they are ready to mate.

Exclusion and trapping are the only ways to control and remove these animals from your property. At Hogarth’s Pest Control and Wildlife Removal, we specialize in this type of trapping and exclusion work. We offer one-time trapping as well as various trapping programs to fit your needs. If you are suffering from problems with weasels or ermine, do not hesitate to give us a call today!

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