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Weasel Removal

Hogarth’s Wildlife and Animal Removal specializes in Weasel removal.

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Weasels are small, active predatory mammals with long, slender bodies and short legs. This allows Weasels the ability to chase prey into burrows. On their dorsal side, their coats are reddish-brown, while their underbellies are white.

Weasels can be found around farms and households with small animals such as chickens, birds, and ducks. They feed on warm-blooded animals and will kill these animals to drink their blood. In most cases they are considered vermin, though they do eat large numbers of rodents.

Weasels make their homes in dense wooded areas, wetlands, and fields. They can also be found under decks, sheds and barns. Weasels do not commonly invade homes, but we have found in abandoned buildings and churches. Exclusion and trapping are the only ways to control and remove them from your property.

What do they look like?