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The wood roach, sometimes called wood cockroaches, are outdoor-living cockroaches. They do not seek shelter in outbuildings and do not breed indoors, although you may spot one occasionally. Their behavior and preferences are a simple way of distinguishing them from other pests. Distinguishing from other roaches based on appearance may be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

To an untrained eye, wood roaches appear very similar to the German cockroach. However, before you panic, continue reading! A wood roach is lighter in color and lacks the German Cockroach markings (two black lines on their head).


Wood roaches are most commonly found in organic debris around a structure (including woodpiles and mulch). We do not consider wood roaches “filth roaches” as they are not associated with cleanliness. Although wood roaches don’t infest homes and other buildings like other species of cockroaches, you may encounter a specimen inside. They’ll often hitch a ride in firewood brought into the home. Males often are attracted to the light of your home at night and will find their way in through a window or other opening. Many females are wingless and rarely encountered.  Wood roaches generally are not light-sensitive like the house-invading species of cockroaches, and they aren’t a secretive pest; you’re likely to encounter them during any time of the day.

Wood roach populations become abundant in the summer months. It is during this time that customers will call in frantically, saying that they are finding German cockroaches in their homes when a lot of the time, it is the wood roach. Once inside, these roaches do not survive for very long.

Performing exclusion work around the affected structure as well as performing a barrier treatment at the base of your home will help to keep these nuisance roaches out. Hogarth’s Pest Control & Wildlife Removal specializes in this type of exclusion work. We are eager to assist you in remediating your problem today!

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