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The oriental roach, believed to be of African origin despite its name, is one of the larger species of cockroach. These cockroaches are often referred to as “waterbugs” because they are commonly found in damp places, as well as “black beetle roaches” because of their dark, smooth appearance. Oriental cockroaches gain entry to households by going under doors and through gaps in siding, as well as following sewers, pipes, and drains. Proper exclusion is the key to keeping these roaches out of your home or structure(s). An abundance of indoor plants can also attract these roaches into your home. Oriental roaches will eat almost anything, including trash. They often live in sinks and garbage disposals that are out of use for long periods. Their foraging habits in homes can lead to disease-causing bacteria on commonly used surfaces.

Oriental cockroaches range from shiny black to a dark reddish-brown in color. As adults, the males and females, though both large, differ greatly in appearance. Growing to only 25 mm, the smaller males have short wings. As a result, the last of their abdominal segments are exposed. In comparison, females reach a slightly longer length of 32 mm and completely lack wings all together. Instead, they have large wing pads that cover the first few segments of their bodies. Despite somewhat having wings, neither the females nor males have the ability to fly.

Signs of an Infestation 

There are three telltale signs of an oriental cockroach infestation: egg capsules, sightings, and odor.


  • Egg Capsules: Egg cases ranging from 8 to 10 mm in length begin to appear during an infestation. Oriental cockroach egg cases usually range from dark brown or reddish. Each egg case holds about 16 eggs. 
  • Sightings: Oriental cockroaches may be seen outside around landscaping beds, near moist gutters, and coming in and out of sewers/storm drains during the night especially during the warmer times of the year. In daylight, oriental cockroaches congregate in dark, moist, and undisturbed spaces. 
  • Odor: Smells can also alert a homeowner to an infestation. Oriental cockroaches secrete chemicals to communicate with one another, and these chemicals have a notorious musty odor.  

It is imperative to seek help from a licensed pest control professional in the event of an infestation; Hogarth’s Pest Control & Wildlife Removal specializes in the eradication of cockroaches. We are eager to assist you in eliminating your oriental roach problem today! Give us a call.

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