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Ridge Vent Exclusion

Hogarth’s Wildlife and Animal Removal specializes in Ridge Vent Exclusion.

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Have you ever experienced Asian beetles, yellow jackets, bats, squirrels, or mice entering your home during the spring and fall seasons? This may be due to a compromised ridge vent. Typically, within three years of installation, ridge vents will begin to warp due to temperature fluctuation.

This can cause the nails to pop, creating a perfect entrance for the creatures previously listed. Hogarth’s Pest Control, Wildlife & Animal Removal has a proven solution to this problem. This solution is a metal cover that is installed over the plastic venting of the ridge vent and screwed into the roof. It will not prevent your home from venting properly, as it does not inhibit the ridge vent’s purpose. It is simply a reinforcement that cannot be chewed or gnawed through.

Animals such as flying squirrels or rats can chew their way through the shingles at the top of the ridge vent. With our solution, a metal seal covers the top of the ridge vent, disabling pests from chewing or flying through. There is no need to wait for a problem, we can install this solution whenever. In most cases, a compromised ridge vent can be seen from the ground upon inspection.  We can install this on any asphalt roof regardless the pitch.

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