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Centipedes and Millipedes Removal

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The sight of one of these long, multi-legged arthropods can be quite surprising. Despite sharing some similar physical traits, they are quite different.

Both Centipedes and Millipedes have segmented bodies. Both species prefer to live outdoors in damp habitats. They find solace under logs, mulch, leaves and rocks. Millipedes commonly invade living spaces surrounded by woodland areas. They reproduce in large numbers and migrate in dry weather. Notorious areas to find them are around foundations 2-3 inches in the ground, cement slabs, and basements. Neither will cause any damage to the structure, but they are a nuisance pest. Centipedes frighten many people and can bite if handled, but they are considered to be beneficial because they eat small insects and spiders.

While most Centipedes are speedy, Millipedes move more slowly and burrow into things. Their diets vary as well. Centipedes kill their live prey by injecting them with poison, whereas Millipedes feed on decaying organic matter. Despite both having segmented bodies, Centipedes only have 1 pair of legs on each body segment while millipedes have 2 pair of legs per body segment.

What do they look like?