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Attic Remediation

Hogarth’s Wildlife and Animal Removal specializes in Attic Remediation.

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Have you ever had birds, mice, raccoons, squirrels, starlings, snakes, scat, bats, pigeons, or other forms of wildlife inside of your attic or drop ceiling? Over time, their fecal matter can start to compound in piles, which can lead to damage to the insulation or the ceiling of the structure. Fecal matter produced by any of these creatures can cause illnesses in humans. These illnesses most especially affect the young, elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.

Depending on the creature, the fecal matter can cause intestinal illness, diarrhea, or carry a number of different worms such as roundworm, tapeworm, or heartworms. Hogarth’s Pest Control, Wildlife & Animal Removal can remove the fecal matter by using proper personal protective equipment and HEPA filter vacuums to ensure that all the contaminants are gone without causing harm to residents.

Hogarth’s specializes in various types of attic remediation. Whether it is bat guano clean-up, bird nest removal, or rodent removal, we have the tools and experience needed to properly and effectively clean attics. The first step to proper attic remediation starts with a complete and thorough preliminary inspection. It is imperative to determine what and how extensive the issue is, and the necessary means of remediation.

Beware of Bat Guano

Exposure to histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease, can occur from the disturbance of bat guano. Unlike birds, bats can become infected with spores from the H. capsulatum organism and excrete the organism in their droppings. Histoplasmosis results after the inhalation of these spores. Undisturbed bat droppings are the safest; in  most situations cleaning will reduce the potential health risk for those living in the structure. If a colony of bats has been living inside a building, their droppings can pose a health risk. In the event that the droppings have accumulated in an unpopulated area, leaving the droppings undisturbed may be the best course of action.

After we conduct the clean up, we completely disinfect the contaminated area with our cleaning products. In addition, we replace any damaged insulation in the attic. Inspection of wires is also necessary, as animals such as rodents can chew them. Sometimes, the covering of the wire is protein-based; as a result, rodents and animals chew on them causing wires to short out and start fires. Gnawing on PVC pipes can also cause water leaks and damage, so we check those as well.

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