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April 01, 2014

Spiders and Web Sweeping

By Hogarth's Pest Control

spiderOne of the main pest issues in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula is spiders, their webs, and the droppings they leave on homes and businesses. In most cases, spiders only need to be treated from the exterior of the home. This prevents them from building webs and getting inside. We include a web sweeping service with our spider spray treatment. We use poles and extensions to reach webs and nests in the high peaks of your home. Removing the webs along with an exterior spray can make a huge difference for your home. This spray also prevents against other crawling insects and bees, wasps, and hornets.

There’s often a misconception that power washing the home will reduce a spider and web problem. This is an added cost that isn’t needed on a regular basis. Our annual spring treatment will cut down on the cost of an extra service, as well as reduce the number of insects in and around your home. However if you power wash your home, it is important to do so before a spider treatment as it will wash the product off the structure.

Perimeter spraying the outside of a structure is the best way to prevent against spiders and other insects and to control the amount of webbing. However, if you seem to have an abundance of spiders inside your home we do offer an interior treatment. This will rid the inside of your home from the spiders currently there, while the exterior treatment will prevent them from getting inside in the future.

We begin our spring treatments as soon as the snow melts! Be sure to call us right away to get on the schedule and have your home treated as soon as possible.

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One thought on “Spiders and Web Sweeping”

  1. Hello, my name is Jason and I actually do not live in Michigan, but I do have family living in Bear Lake. I was just there and they have a spider problem black spiders are everywhere more on the inside and basement. The house sat vacant for about 3 years. I was seeing how much you charge for help on the spider problem. I would be paying for it if the price is affordable. I live on a limited pay, disability. They still need to power wash the outside and rake the leaves around the house. The house is on a wooded area. Thank you for reading my email.

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