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Yellow Jackets Removal

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Yellow Jackets can pose a variety of issues individuals across Northern Michigan. These wasps are extremely aggressive and should be left alone and dealt with only by a professional. Yellow jackets will build nests both below and above ground. They will use old rodent burrows underground or air pockets left from shrub or tree roots. They can nest under decking, in the peaks of homes, on dormers, and in sheds.

The underground nests cause trouble lawn maintenance professionals because they can startle the nest by weed whipping or mowing. Roofers also have a tough time with them when they have decided to nest in the attic. Homeowners may notice them nesting under siding or windows and fear for being stung.

Yellow jackets will sometimes make their way inside of the home and will become aggressive trying to find their way out. All of these situations can be extremely dangerous and deadly, depending on the person being stung. These wasps are known to cause fatalities every summer in Northern Michigan.

Yellow jackets can sting repeated without losing their stinger. The queens leave the next in the fall and will over-winter until spring. We receive calls throughout the spring and winter from people saying they have nests in April and May.

If you think you have a yellow jacket nest on your property, call Hogarth’s Pest Control and Wildlife Removal to safely and professionally remove the nest so you can enjoy the summer months without the worry of being stung.

Tip for keeping yellow jackets away:

  1. Keep trash cans covered
  2. Make sure all doors windows have screens
  3. Avoid wearing sweet-smelling perfume
  4. Caulk and seal small holes around the home

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