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May 17, 2013

Stinging Insects

By Tucker Hogarth

Many of us are aware that this is the time of year that we begin to see stinging insects (mainly bees, wasps, and hornets) swarming around our homes and gardens. Though these flying insects are out and about, they are not yet building nests. Instead, they are buzzing around looking for places to build their nests or to reinvest old nests. We deal with 3 main species of stinging insect including bees, wasps, and hornets.


Commonly mistaken for a bee, Yellowjacket or Yellow Jacket is the common name in North America for predatory wasps. Yellow Jackets can pose a variety of issues to individuals across Northern Michigan. These wasps are extremely aggressive and should be left alone to be dealt with by a professional at all times.


Bald Faced Hornets are black and white striped wasps. They’re larger in size than the Yellow Jacket or your average Honey Bee, however, they are more closely related to Yellow Jackets than they are to hornets. Bald-faced Hornets are an extremely aggressive stinging insect that should only be dealt with by a pest control professional.


Carpenter Bees are large, black and yellow stinging insects that  typically only live up to a year. Females rarely sting and males cannot sting. These bees typically bore into raw wood and and deck timbers, especially if it’s weathered or has starter holes

By enlisting the professional help of Hogarth’s Pest Control, you can ensure to keep your stinging insect problem under control. Hogarth’s Pest Control offers a preventative service to keep these insects from building nests on your homes. Though they will continue to fly around, we guarantee your home for the entire season against bees, wasps, and hornets building nests on your home. What’s even better about this service is that not only does it keep the stinging insects from building nests, it also keeps all crawling insects such as spiders and ants from getting inside your house. Hogarth’s wants to ensure that your summer is pest free, so give us a call if you are experiencing any flying or crawling insect issue!

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