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Opossum Removal

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Opossums are North America’s only marsupial. Opossums have a grey, white, and silver fur coat, a long pointed snout, pink noise, and nearly 50 sharp teeth. They have an average lifespan 1 to 4 years. Mating season starts in January and goes through June. They normally produce only one litter per year, but can give birth to anywhere from 3 to 15 young per litter.

Opossums will play dead if threatened, but they will also hiss, screech, show their teeth, and emit foul fluid from their rear anal glands. Opossums can hang from their tail and are very good climbers.

They are nocturnal but is not common to spot them in the early mornings or evenings like Skunks. Opossums find homes in and under sheds, decks, and porches but will also invade attics, basements, barns, and mobile homes. They’re often found near farms and fields.

It is best to trap and remove these nuisance animals and offer exclusion as the next step for a permanent fix.

What do they look like?