Phorid Flies REMOVAL

Hogarth’s Wildlife and Animal Removal specializes in Phorid Flies removal.

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These small flies look very similar to drain and fruit flies but have a couple characteristics which distinguish them from the others. Phorid Flies are nicknamed hump-backed flies, which is an easy indicator to the naked eye. Another trait that distinguishes Phorid Flies is that they choose to run away instead of fly away like other types of flies. These flies are most commonly associated with filth and lack of sanitation. They are typically found in kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, commercial facilities, and restaurants. Phorid Flies breed in drains, cracks in grout, dirty mop buckets, dirty mops, under stoves, under bars, and in any spilled sticky substance. Like drain flies, Phorid Flies do not require a chemical treatment. Increasing proper sanitation in breeding areas is the key to successfully eradicating a Phorid Fly issue. Hogarth’s can also provide facilities with top grade cleaning agents.

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