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Drain and Moth Flies Removal

Hogarth’s Wildlife and Animal Removal specializes in Drain/Moth Flies Removal.

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Hogarth's Pest Control specializes in all types of industries, residential and commercial.

Do you have little black flies in your bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, commercial facility, or restaurant? These little flies are drain flies, and it’s likely you’ll experience the issue year-round unless properly treated for. With regular use, drains begin to build up organic matter inside the pipes where flies lay their eggs. If the drains are rarely or never used, the same can happen on top of any stagnant water. Contrary to popular belief, pouring bleach down the drain will NOT fix the problem!

Drain flies appear due to a lack of sanitation. Typically these flies can be taken care of without the use of a pesticide, but with proper cleaning instead. In order to fix the issue, a routine thorough cleaning with brushes and professional cleaning agents will need to be done in all of the dirty areas where flies are breeding. with water to curtail the problem and break the breeding cycle. Restaurants and commercial kitchens, on the other hand, have tons of organic matter build up and need their drains cleaned on a monthly basis to stop their fly problem. Hogarth’s Pest Control can provide both the cleaning service and the cleaning agents Professional cleaning agents will substantially help to reduce organic matter build up. Homes don’t usually experience the amount of buildup that we find in restaurants, but the drains should still be flushed weekly needed to help reduce the drain flies from breeding.

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