Paper Wasps REMOVAL

Hogarth’s Wildlife and Animal Removal specializes in Paper Wasps removal.



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Paper Wasps are known for building open, paper-like nests instead of closed nests like the yellow jacket or bald faced hornet. Paper Wasps tend to build their nests in the peak of your home, dormer, soffit, under decking, or under an awning. These waps can become extremely aggressive when agitated by vibrations or by getting too close to their nest. They will attack and repeatedly sting whatever they feel is threatening their nest and the queen. The queen will over-winter inside of people’s homes, similar to yellow jackets. During the spring and winter months, people can find them stuck inside and trying to get out through the windows. Customers will call with the impression that there is an indoor nest, when in reality it is an wasp using their home as a shelter for the winter. Paper Wasps can gain entry into the home through the ridge vent, gable end vents, soffits, doors, windows, or other random holes around the home. An exterior treatment and proper exclusion will keep these wasps away from your home, all which can be done by a Hogarth’s Pest Control technician.

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