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February 23, 2015

Tips on Spiders

By Hogarth's Pest Control

SpiderAs spring in Northern Michigan draws closer and the days get longer, spiders get closer invading your home and covering your structure in webs. Spiders can do an extensive amount of damage to the surface of a home, no matter what type of siding, paint, or stain is used on the structure. As spiders begin to eat bugs caught in their webs, they urinate and defecate onto the structure, leaving an acidic substance that embeds into vinyl paints and stains. This results in more upkeep and maintenance on the homeowners part.

Hogarth’s Pest Control is your local expert in protecting your home from spider infestations before it gets too late. By routinely treating your home every spring, you not only protect your home for longer, but you also keep your home cleaner as a result. This eliminates the need to power wash and paint more frequently. Here are a few tips to keep spiders at bay, on top of your routine pest control:

1. Routinely knocking down any webs will put serious strain on the spider; by either humanely killing or forcing them to seek new harborage.

2. Keep a minimum distance of 6 inches between your structure and any sort of vegetation to maintain air flow.

3. Maintaining low humidity in your crawlspace or basement will make it difficult for spiders and their prey to live. Spiders are hunters, and without a proper source of food they will cease to exist in those areas.

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