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September 14, 2014

Fall Rodent Baiting

By Hogarth's Pest Control

ith the drop in temperatures, it seems as if fall is quickly approaching here in Northern Michigan. As many homeowners know, that means it’s time for fall rodent baiting. Mice breed year round and reproduce rapidly, seemingly more so this year than we’ve seen in recent past. We’re noticing an abundance of mice much earlier in the season— the sudden drop in temperature isn’t helping. Mice are fall invaders; they’ll quickly be on the move to seek warm shelter to escape from the cooler temperatures and the upcoming winter.

Most mice will seek shelter will be in and around homes. They can fit through dime-sized holes— getting in through un-caulked areas around pipes, phone and cable lines, as well as worn door thresholds. Mice and rodents love to gnaw and chew, targeting insulation and cable, phone and electrical cords, etc. This can be dangerous in schools, restaurants, homes, and businesses and is a potential fire hazard.

They are also a health and sanitation concern, urinating and leaving droppings where they nest and run. The average house mouse produces 40 to 100 fecal pellets daily. Even a small colony of mice can produce thousands of feces in a short period of time. This quickly causes a health issue if proper sanitation is not in place. Exclusion on the structure, as well as exterior bait stations can prevent mice and rodents from invading your home this fall and winter.

Will they harm my pet?

Many customers worry about having bait boxes set up if they have pets. It’s important to know that the product we use in our bait stations is typically non-transferable if consumed in small amounts. If your pet were to consume a dead rodent, you should not have to worry about the poison affecting your pets health. We use tamper-proof bait stations; unless your pet is left unattended for hours on end, it’s highly unlikely they will be able to chew though the boxes to consume the bait. Even so, most animals have to consume up to their body weight in bait to have any serious health issues requiring veterinarian assistance.

This is an understandable concern for many clients. We like to clarify that bait stations are indeed safe to have around your home if you have small children or pets. The boxes are locked with a key and are secured around the structure with either a wire into the ground or, with the newer bait stations, a heavy brick. We will provide customers with a key if they wish to check them themselves and then call to have them filled as needed.

If you already have bait stations set up around your home, be sure to call our office or send us an email to get on the schedule to have yours filled. If you have never had rodent baiting and are looking to get protection for your home this season, now is the time to do it! Many customers find themselves waiting until they have a rodent issue before calling a professional, but mice and rodent damage is something that can easily be prevented if taken care of in the fall and maintained throughout the year.

Evidence of mice in crawl space
Evidence of mice in crawl space
Large shipment of bait stations
Large shipment of bait stations
Mice damage
Mice damage

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